Thursday, July 19, 2007

Local Update

For those of you readers who live in San Diego, here are two updates. I'll be painting the first utility box this Saturday, July 21, starting about 9am. The location is the corner of 45th street and Imperial Avenue (next to the Jackie Robinson YMCA.) I'll break for lunch at noon and then probably be there till 3 or so. I also plan on painting there on Monday, July 23. Feel free to stop by to say hi, offer me iced tea, cold water sprays and general moral support!

And, remember how I raved about Anthology? We went last night to see Kenny Rankin and we reserved a booth on the mezzanine. We shared a bottle of wine, and had dinner. Total cost for the evening $200!!!! Waaaay too expensive for our budget. So, here's my point, if you go (and we will again for Average White Band in November) buy the general admission ticket for the 2nd floor. Eat and drink before you go. Then, order a glass of wine, and maybe dessert while you enjoy the wonderful venue at Anthology.

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  1. Kenny Rankin has been one of our favorites for years and years! I hope it was a fun night for you guys!

    You have inspired me to the point that I have purchased a moleskin sketchpad and some pens! This is a huge first for me, but growth is good, right?!!!

    Love your latest Pomegranites, roses and pine cones.

    My brother-in-law used to have a home in Idyllwild...I can smell the pines!


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