Sunday, July 08, 2007

Contemporary paste paper workshop

I took an all day workshop with famed book artist Dominic Riley on Saturday. All day long we played with paint and paper! Here's the 13 pieces of paste paper that I made. I'll use them in my artwork.


  1. Your papers are absolutely gorgeous! How did you do it? Did you need a lot of equipment? What type of colors did you use? Ah, this is something I definitely want to try! I’m a compulsive paper collector. Just imagine being able to do them my self.... That would do a lot towards restoring my sanity….then I wouldn’t have to stand in the shop trying to choose which one to buy and ending up buying them all. It would do a lot towards restoring my finances as well :-)

  2. Good for you! looks like you'll have lots of wonderful colors and textures to work with... you've inspired me to get busy and make some of my own.

  3. It's not difficult at all! You wet paper, and paint on it with the mixed of acrylic paint mixed with wallpaper paste or methyl cellulose. While the paint is still wet, you can use all kinds of items to create texture--like combs, string, fingers, sticks etc.

  4. Oooo. Coooool. I'll have to look more into this. Mmmmm (filing away the thought for later art projects ...)


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