Monday, September 07, 2009

dried leaf

Here's the other drawing I did at the winery one-on-one class I taught on Sunday. My student, Diane, and I discussed mixing greens. The very first watercolor class I took, one of our first assigments was a green plant. I think back on what a good exercise that was! Nature's greens come in soooo many shades.
The red chop (stamp), on the page, on the top means tiger, because I'm born the year of the tiger. I'm a metal tiger, in case you're wondering.....

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  1. Hi Jane. Have fun in Ireland. Can't wait to see the sketchbook. I love this page with the green leaf. When you get back from Ireland,could you please tell me how to get this ink to work for the chops? I have one from Korea and the ink is way too sticky. thanks.


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