Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Art appreciation

My Buddy knows fine art work when he sees it! Look at his little pink tongue checkin out the bird sculpture I made. toooooooo cute. I created this in a workshop I took at Art Unraveled from Stephanie Lee. They're made from styrofoam and plaster. I painted and collaged them at home--the heart with wings is meant to look like an old Mexican wood antique (don't cha think?) and the bird...well, like a yellow bird with french words on him. It's a fabulous technique and I am making more--I've got three in my studio, waiting to be finished. And clearly, Buddy likes them!


  1. Very antique-ie - fur shur! Very nice!

    Buddy is just basting the bird. . .

  2. Really the plaster over the styrofoam or did you make a mold and pore the plaster in?

  3. Wendy, plaster over the styrofoam.

  4. I totally thought they were Mexican when I saw the thumbnail photo! Very cool. Buddy is too funny.

  5. I really like these! What a great way to go 3D with your multi media ideas.
    Nancy L


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