Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quail Gardens hibiscus

So, yesterday, 9/29, was my birthday. I have a hard time with my birthday-it doesn't matter the year. Although, next year may be a tough one. You know, one of those milestone birthdays...cough, choke...60. For now and through next year, I am 59. Anyway, husb and I went to Quail Gardens to do a little sketching and watercolor, then out to lunch and errands. I had chocolate ice cream for dinner.

FYI: This journal page has a collage piece on it, then I drew and watercolored over it.


  1. Happy Birthday Jane, I remember from last year we are close in birth - I am almost there too, thank God 60 is the new 30!!!! I may have cake for dinner tomorrow myself!

  2. I love the way you got the sense of light in the petals. In Denver last week I saw a small hibiscus bush. Surprising they can live in that cold climate.
    No sympathy about the birthday, since I DO hit the big 60 next week.
    Nancy L

  3. You are still just a babe, Miss Janie! I passed 60 2 years ago, and still feel pretty spry for an old broad! In fact, I think I'm having far more fun these days than I did 20 years ago! Enjoy every day, and keep looking forward... the best just keeps on getting better!

  4. Happy Birthday Jane! I beat you to 59 by a few months, and I suppose I am also savoring the last of this decade....or are we already into the next decade? LOL I refuse to think of myself as 'old'...I'll always be young at heart, and I know you will be too!
    Your hibiscus is just gorgeous! I love the shading on the petals.
    Last night I enjoyed a piece of caramel pound cake in your you take the calories!


  5. Happy Birthday Jane! I hope this year brings you much joy and happiness.

    BTW, 60 is the new 40!

    My best to you!

    Debbie L

  6. Happy Birthday from another Libra, year of the Tiger![I was thinking, that I'd prefer staying "55" as long as possible, but it will be 59 for me too in a few days!]
    YOur hibiscus is wonderful, inspiring even! I will be taking a long look at it!

  7. Happy Birthday dear Jane. Let others count them, and I will be grateful you have them.
    Love your flowers - every darn one!

  8. Happy B-Day Jane. Since 60's the new 40 I think that means we're only 39! Great layers and colors in the flower.

  9. Noel with two dots10/04/2009 5:48 PM

    Can I count on 80 being the new 50?

    Many Happy Returns, Jane!

  10. I guess I am the third Judy, Judy, Judy to wish you Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a lot of fun your birthday week. Hibiscus was a great special day choice. Chocolate and drawing, what a swell birthday combination. Judy of Nature Trail.

  11. Hi Jane

    The way I say it is Feisty and Fifty, Sexy and Sixty and Sassay and Seventy...

    The hard thing is having a mind that wants to go faster and a body that is going slower. But age in and of itself...its just a number thing. I am 59 next month. The next chapter awaits.

    Love the embroidery!!



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