Thursday, September 24, 2009

Durty Nelly's, Ireland

The last night in Ireland, we took a taxi to Durty Nelly's (established in 1620!). I told the driver that I'd been a flight attendant 32 years ago, and often come to Durty Nelly's. I was told at the time, the local boys came to meet flight attendants who frequented the bar. (I had great memories of those times...huge sing-alongs in the pub and meeting fun Irish chaps.) Anyway, the taxi driver looks in the rear view mirror at me and says, his his charming brogue "Ah, your a fine lookin' woman now, you must a been a cracker thirty two years ago!"


  1. Twenty years ago, my husband and I used to hang with friends at a Dirty Nelly's in Chicagoland. I wonder if the name was inspired by this establishment?! (What a charming taxi driver!)

  2. I love that phrase...."cracker"...I can just hear him say that!


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