Monday, August 29, 2011

Chicago! the art museum

fragments of Chicago architecture
Home from CREATE mixed media retreat in Chicago!
helen and me
The first day, my good friend, Helen Shafer Garcia, and I spend the day at the fabulous, incredible, amazing Art Institute of Chicago. Unless you've been there, you can't imagine the collection of the most famous and acclaimed artists in the world. Maybe the best museum in the United States...

(Yes, my hair has blue in it. Decided to have a bit of artsy color put in for fun.)
fragments of Chicago architecture  fragments of Chicago architecture
fragments of Chicago architecture fragments of Chicago architecture fragments of Chicago architecturefragments of Chicago architecturefragments of Chicago architecture fragments of Chicago architecture
There was an exhibition of fabulous architectural fragments from Chicago's old buildings. Designed by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright and Adler & Sullivan. You'll  probably see some of these designs interpreted in my hand carved stamps and sketchbook in the next weeks.......
A view of the skyline from the Art Institute. I LOVED Chicago and have a list of things I want to do next time I'm there! 


  1. The art institute is amazing. I try to go every time I visit my daughter! Love it. So much inspiration!

  2. I love that I live near a city with so much to see and do. Just Friday I was in the same garden pictured in your photo taking pictures of bees pollinating flowers.

  3. Such a wonderful day...!!

  4. MaryAnn@SticksAndBroomstraws.com8/29/2011 11:41 AM

    Jane, love your hair and LOVE the architectural fragments. As soon as I saw them I knew you'd make your own art with their inspiration.

  5. I love Chicago but have not been there for many years..lovely to see it againxxlynda

  6. Looks like you have had a fabulous trip, what a great place. I like the blue in your hair too, good for you:)

  7. I took the architectural river tour there this summer. It was very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about downtown Chicago. I would love to visit the Art Institute, maybe next time I am there. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  8. I love Chicago too...and I love your hair. xx

  9. love your photos, thanks for sharing.
    Is that a blue streak in your hair.. I have been wanting to do something like that, but have been afraid with my gray hair, that it might "travel" and I would be all blue or purple!

  10. I love architectral bits!! What a treat to be able to see them up close!! Youw ill be creating some fabulous stamps I am sure!! I LOVE the HAIR!!!!!! Youa re giving me dangerous ideas!! How do you think deep purple would look in true natural blond? My husband might leave me!!:)


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