Saturday, September 24, 2011

a collection

faucett detail

faucett page

faucett detail 2

faucet detail
I love collections of things. And what's better than just buying the collection outright? I found these great faucet handles at an artist faire and just bought them all! My journal page, done straight to pen with my water soluble Tombow pen clearly doesn't do the real thing justice. I'll definitely paint these again, with their lovely patinas...And I'm sure you'll see some hand carved stamps inspired by these too.
faucet collection


  1. Seems you have a handle on things, Jane.


  2. What a lovely collection to have Jane...and they make me feel like painting them too - so may be I will, if that's okay with you!

  3. Your page is wonderful. With these handles you can make lots of different pages!

    I signed up for your new class over at Joggles! Can't wait to start.

    I am testing the Tombow pen in a sunny window. After 3 weeks it has changed color significantly turning quite brown. It's faded a little bit too. I'm thinking that if it's taking this long to fade though, in a south Arizona window, it will be fine in a closed journal but I wouldn't use one outside the journal unless I am going to have it printed in permanent inks. I love this pen and don't want to give it up but I also don't want to lose a picture to fading! Ater 2 months in the window I'll be posting the results on my blog. I've taken some pictures at various times to compare it to the test piece which is in a closed journal.

  4. What a great collection Jane! They are ideal for carved stamp designs.

  5. What fun! Taking something common and finding a way for people to take notice. Just like Georgia O'Keeffe!


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