Thursday, September 01, 2011

Prayer Flags: 14 and 15

prayer flag 14 detail 1
Prayer Flag Project and a flickr group.
prayer flag 14 detail
Prayer flag 14: for LOVE. The love of my husband, his for me and mine for him. The love I have in my heart for so many others, and they for me. The spirit of love. The first approach made with love. A heart full of love. 
prayer flag 14: love

prayer flag 15 detail
Prayer flag #15: Say Yes
Say yes to helping, to opportunities, to love, to participating, to others...
prayer flag 15: say yes
14 prayer flags
Fifteen pray flags hang in my backyard today.


  1. Very COOL the pic showing the entire seriies

  2. Jane - I love this!!! Thank you for sharing it! :)

  3. truly awesome collection you have here...something very hopeful in each one! thank you much for sharing :)

  4. Hi Jane,
    I love your stitching!!! I've been trying to make something like that for such a long time, but I can't seem to handle such freedom of creation. I'm working with more traditional methods at the moment. Maybe someday I'll get there!!! lol. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. So colorful and beautiful!

  6. This is a great collection. You are inspiring me to be more creative in my endeavors.

  7. Incredible collection of flags. Very inspiring.

  8. Oh Jane. They are all special and together make up a very moving assemblage. Bravo!

  9. I think your prayer flags are wonderful.

  10. These are just lovely.

  11. I just love your prayer flags. Do you leave them outside all the time, or just hang them for the picture? My three have been outside in the hot bright sun for a while now (6 weeks and more). The oldest is beginning to fade, and 2 have acquired blood stains (squirrel???). Nature's patina.

  12. thanks everyone!
    MF I do leave them outside all the time. Remember, they're sending their prayers out in the wind.......And I think the weathering is a wonderful part of the charm.

  13. I love these 2 new prayer flags. I love your "X"s and "O"s which is soooooo you.

  14. The prayer flags are great - I'd have a hard time watching such bright colors fade.


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