Tuesday, December 19, 2006

hand-carved stamps

I got into carving stamps when I did that baby outfit and sort of got obessed with them. Here is the current crop, with color pencil added and some other random doodles. I need to do a big painting with them...and of course, use them on fabric. Can't seem to shake that Klimt tree image from my brain!

sketchbook moleskine


  1. Wow Jane...didn't know you had a blog...love it! So colorful and so you! Where have I been? Anyway, best of luck with it and I will check back often to see what's up with you and your beautiful artwork. I love the carved erasers...great designs! Love, Laurie

  2. Beautiful page! The stamps with pencil just burst with color.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your stamps. I'm in love with one I carved a few weeks ago and I'm inspired to make a bunch more. Oh, and have you ever seen a Klimt painting in real life? I was bowled over and totally transfixed by one in New York ... I was not a HUGE fan until that moment.


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