Monday, December 11, 2006

In process. 3rd grader does Picasso

I showed the kids images from Picasso's Cubism period (that would be 1909-1912) and then had them draw a piece of fruit (I'm really getting the full benefit of that artificial fruit!) and add color with oil pastels on the 1/4 sheet of paper I provided. Next, they cut the paper, rearranged and glued it to a larger paper. They then used the same technique on with three other fruits, and glued them all to a sheet of paper. [This student will add a background color to his little pear painting, then cut the paper into sections to paste on the larger sheet.]

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  1. I really envy you. We usually think of teachers teaching children. But I don't think we realize how much can be learned (or relearned really) from kids. All kids are creative. It's so sad they loose that when they acquire their grownup inhibitions.

    ps - it's in the mail :D


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