Tuesday, December 19, 2006

TONY Quilt

Just finished this. I worked on this small (11x11") piece for the DVD (coming to stores near you in early 2007!) This is Tony, friend of Bill and Kat. I outlined him in shiny beads--fancies him up a bit. (I teach this painting technique in my Art Quilt class too.)

tony the dog
P.S. I've looked on line for an art quilt flickr group and haven't found one. If you know of one, let me know, OR, if I start one, would you post your art quilts?


  1. Tony sez: Dear Jane, I am very flattered by the quilt representation of ME...but please be advised that my glorious visage is copyrighted in 17 countries and 4 planets. However, my legal staff has informed me that I may grant a special exception to you in return for compensation by way of Milk Bones (Flavor Snacks are my favorites)...

  2. This is wonderful. What a great subject for a quilting project - and he came out beautifully.

  3. Yes, create a group. I'll join. It will force me to start quilting again. Magazines, a DVD? World famous much?


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