Thursday, March 15, 2007

from march 2006

A year ago, a group of us met up with Danny Gregory in Los Angeles for a sketchcrawl. Here's the photo with Danny on the left. I'm next to him, in back, with my eyes closed. Also in the pic are Hashi, Wendee, Jill, Robin, Shelley, Karen and of course Andy. Since then, I've filled 8 or 9 moleskines...Thanks Danny!


  1. A year ago, I got to meet a lot of great, warm and significant people. And started to draw and paint again. It's been nice to reflect on the year, 'eh? ;)
    We need to get the LA/SoCal group together again and draw.

  2. Eight or nine moleskines in a year? I'm impressed! Great photo, too!

  3. I CAN'T believe that was a year ago!? Are you kidding me?! wow. Is time spinning faster to you guys as well? foof.

    How nice to check in with you again, Jane. Hoping all is well for everyone.

    Lots of love, Shelley


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