Monday, October 19, 2009

4 minute drawing in pen with watercolor wash

This is one I did a workshop on Sunday, given by Cathy Quiel from an image she projected on the wall.
My mentor and inspiration Danny Gregory has done this type of prep, washing the paper first with watercolor, not really knowing what drawing it would be used for. In this instance, after the inital color wash had dried, I did the drawing directly in pen and watercolor shadows in 4 minutes! Danny has said that drawing directly in pen will improve your drawing skills, but frankly, it is a little nerve-racking...Gotta just trust your drawing skills...and you know, you can always toss it in the trash when you're working on individual sheets of paper.


  1. 4 minute drawing? Whoa, this is beautiful!

  2. Pen ink and watercolor are very compatable even if the watercolor is added later.(assuming the ink is permanent-India ink).
    I think the short time limitations really keep things fresh!

  3. I am not a proponent of drawing directly with pen, I think it is the hard knocks style of drawing. I like drawing with pencil and updating with pen, but my pages are a bit more studied.


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