Monday, October 05, 2009

Quail Gardens Tree

At Quail Gardens last week, I drew and inked this tree, but didn't have time to add color. Here's what it looked like when we left the garden. The next day, I added the color using my new Derwent Inktense pencils. I was tempted to do the foilage too, but just didn't have the time--I love working with color pencils, but it is such a s-l-o-w process.

Husb and I have been quite the theatre goers in the last week. At Carlsbad's New Village Arts we saw Things We Want. A fabulous, very funny, sometimes dark, unpredictable, go-see-it play. Then yesterday we saw Sammy, at the Old Globe. I do believe Sammy Davis Jr was the worldest greatest entertainer, and this play is bound for Broadway. We grinned, tapped our toes through out and loved it.


  1. Great tree. Interesting without the leaves colored. Actually draws the eyes even more to the foliage. Yes, colored pencils are time consuming to put layers and layers. So much easier to tickle the color with water to get the depth of shading. My first 5 years of journaling was only in colored pencils. Then I discovered watercolor. I still go back to my old friends plus they are real easy to carry around in your purse.

  2. I like the white foliage - very dreamy and inward feeling, like Jungian. I think you've discovered something!


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