Saturday, October 31, 2009

Danny Gregory

I asked my friend and mentor, Danny Gregory, for favor for a project I'm working on and here's what he wrote.

"With pen and brush, Jane LaFazio has been turning the stuff of her life in to a sumptuous, varied work of art Her experimentation and dedication to journaling are a constant revelation and inspiration."

"Illustrated journaling is the a wonderful way to integrate creativity into your life, to record the blessings your receive everyday, and to reveal the world as a richer and more beautiful place."

your pal,

Gosh, this makes me so very happy! Thank you dear Danny!

(Oh, and don't forget I'm one of the featured artists in Danny's recent book "An Illustrated Life." )


  1. Congratulations Jane. How wonderful and well deserved to be included in Danny's book!

  2. I found you through the Danny Gregory book and my friend Liz, in Encinitas. Love your work and gift for sharing inspiration.

  3. Perfectly put:)

    When is this "thang" coming out?

  4. What a wonderful endorsement! Congratulations Jane!


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