Monday, December 14, 2009

Needle felting

I've had a needle felting machine for about a year. Every time I use it, I break needles like crazy! This piece is about 8x8 and I broke 4 needles (out of 7) making it. And, the needles are not cheap! So, this afternoon, I'm taking a lesson at the where I bought the machine. I really hope I can learn how to not break needles!
I hand stitched on this, after the needle felting, and I think it's going to grow up to be part of a larger piece. I so love hand stitching, or what Melly calls, 'slow sewing.'

And, I'm teaching a new class online on joggles. It doesn't start till March, but you can check it out and register now. And, don't forget Art Unraveled will filling classes at the end of December--and I'm teaching 3 classes, so sign up!


  1. Cool! Good luck with your class.

  2. This is a beautiful piece. Enjoy every stitch!

  3. I like slow sewing, too! I like the sheer layering you are doing. It adds beautiful texture

  4. Jane, would you please pass along the tips you learned for avoiding needle breakage? Thanks!

  5. Jane, would you please pass along the tips you learned about preventing needle breakage? Thanks!

    1. Summer, first of all, did you see my tutorial

      and as for not breaking needles, have the head low to the fabric (my babylock adjusts the height) and to be careful moving the fabric, so as not to pull at the needle and break it. good luck!


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