Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MY tamales

I made these tamales with my very own hands! Husb and I took a tamale making class today, and brought home about 2 dozen of our own creation. It was fun, but hours of work--we needed chips and salsa to fortify us. (The class was organized by his retiree club.)


  1. I'm jealous! Last time I tried to pre-order tamales for Christmas eve dinner, my order was lost and no tamales. Maybe I should start thinking about ordering them now!


  2. They look great!!!!
    I love to make tamales ! ;-}
    My favorites are the Chicken and green salsa tamales. My kids love them.

  3. I made tamales with my sister in law and it is a lot of work...hours and hours. But in end its well worth it!

  4. Wow Jane, a food post! I am so impressed! I love tamales and homemade are the best. I have never made them myself. I bet they were yummy. Now let's go find a Margarita!

  5. Great job! My former stepmother is Mexican and one of the things I miss most is Christmas eve tamales. Her mom made the best, and always had beef, green chicken and sweet(!!) tamales. We are making some for Christmas eve ourselves this year, with tamale Masa my mom is sending me from the mainland (Can't find it here!). Mele Kalikimaka!


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