Friday, December 18, 2009

more green

Uh oh. I feel it coming on. Another series of hand stitched pieces. This is the 3rd of the green series, and there are more on the way. This is about 7x11" and machine needle-felted first (broke 3 needles of 7! ayk!) and then seriously hand-stitched. And if you follow my blog, you recall my 'quiltlets,' which are numbering about 21, and are still unattached. No problem, I tell myself. Im an artist! It's the process! Seriously, I am thinking about laying all the quiltlets out on the dining room table and starting to assemble them into one big piece. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I'll be stitchin' on my green series.

I have room for a few more students in my Wet-Felting workshop, on January 9 in Escondido, CA.


  1. The golden rules with the embellisher are hands slow, foot fast. Make sure your needles are up before removing your work. Lower the needles into your work by hand first - if it's a struggle, then you'll break needles!
    Persevere - you'll stop breaking needles eventually and love it as much as I love mine!
    You might want to think about getting this - I'm waiting for my copy to arrive next Friday (hopefully via Santa Claus!). I'll let you know what I think!
    Have a great holiday!

  2. Jane !! THis piece is wonderful!! I love all of the ahnd stitching- it really brings out the wonderful movement in the felted piece!! THe felting is just the begining!!
    I wisht ath I loved closer as I would be at your class in a moment!!!! It looks like we are about to get snowed in!!!
    Now I am off to investigate your other small pieces as I have just started following your blog!!
    Holiday Hugs!

  3. Have you named it yet? Maybe when you connect all of this series it could be Irish Landscape. Hand massage anyone?



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