Friday, April 30, 2010

best foot forward

 I'm REALLY get prepared from my workshop tomorrow, fake tatoo and everything!
Question, dear readers. I like doing tutorials on my blog, I've done three so far and plan to do another next month. What would you like to know how to do? Of course, it's got to be something I know how to do! Give me some suggestions, please.


  1. Hi Jane!
    I really like your sketching tutorials, very inspiring. Like the pumpkin one : )
    Thanks for asking ♥

  2. Echoing Carmen, i say thanks for asking, and please
    more of the journal type sketching of botanicals, please.
    With gratitude for your inspiration, Sharron

  3. Pine cones! I love the way you sketch them, and I can never seem to draw a recognizable one.

  4. Love the tatoo! I'll echo the sketching tutorial, or easy painting would be great. You are so generous with you knowlegde. Thank you!

  5. Your sketching tutorials are greatly appreciated. I am so thankful that you are sharing your talent.

  6. I would love a tutorial that demonstrates the effect of images laid partially over other images (ie transparencies I guess ? ). Thanks, Wendy

  7. Hi Jane,
    I would love a tree of life tutorial sometime.
    Your trees are very beautiful and inspiring.
    Thanks so much,

  8. I would love a tutorial on the Recycled Circles. And thanks for Janeville - it is delicious!

  9. I would sure like more information on slow sort of told me the process in an email, which I can now not find! But of course sketching would be fine....and the recycled circles....I also thank you for asking and being so free with your knowledge....oh, did I say stamps would also be good?!!!

  10. Jane: Thanks for bringing your tatooed feet, (and the rest of you) to teach the Tree of Life class today.
    It was so much fun, structured just enough to learn, informal/low key enough to not stress if things weren't perfect, and just the right group od folks!
    I so enjoyed the class, the venue and the kind way that you teach.
    Peggy L Calvert

  11. I love the slow cloth idea and recylced circles, love anything with stitching thanks for asking Michelle

  12. Slow cloth, & recycled circles sounds great. I'd also love it if you would share info on your felt pieces & how you cut & stitch them together.


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