Monday, April 26, 2010

buttons and

 Yesterday was my monthly Art Quilt class, in Escondido. Ileen had requested my Recycled Circles project as one of our lessons, and yesterday was the day. I've done this process in paper, and this time, I used wool felt. Waay fun and easy too! I've got two/fourths done, with two more to go, and I'll post the whole thing. Meanwhile, I am teaching this process in paper at Art Unraveled this year, and the paper version is more complex but equally fun, and frankly satisfying and always successful. We like success.


  1. Love the colors Jane. I'm so sorry I had to miss the class! Justine

  2. I just recently discovered your blog and had to tell you how much I LOVE your vibrant, bold colors and big chunky hand stitches. It's so alive! Lucky you to live in CA and be surrounded by color all year. I live in the Pacific Northwest and have to imagine the color that goes into my art quilts because we're surrounded by gray much of the year! Happy stitching, Sherrie S.


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