Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tiny Tutorial: Reusing your own drawings in collage or quilts

Remember this page from my journal? It's a drawing from a trip to Borrego Springs in 2008.
A great way to reuse your drawings for collage, or mixed media is to trace the orignal image onto artist white tissue or gampi paper using a permanent, waterproof super fine point nib black ink. I added a little color to the daisies using color pencil. Let the ink dry completely. Then, using matte medium adhere it to your surface. The tissue should completely disappear, leaving only the ink and color. Here, I'm added the new flowers to the orginal page, but you can add your images to any collage or mixed media peice. (And you can scan the original drawing, resize it, then follow these steps to create larger or smaller images of your original.) If you're a sew-er, you can trace your image onto tracing paper, and free motion stitch it, then tear away the tissue.


  1. Thanks for the information... something new to try....

  2. Jane,
    Thank you for sharing the info in your tiny tutorial. That is a neat technique. Love the sketch of the stuff on your desk. You always get such great dimension in your paintings with the shadows. Kay

  3. Great tips, thanks for sharing.


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