Sunday, January 09, 2011

Fabric Vase Tutorial

Hey, I made another functional thing! I was inspired when Pokey Bolton posted this little tutorial based on Wen Redmond's idea.

Start by layering fabric bits (and paper) on a fusible. I fused to Peltex2b gold ring and paper
Stamp, add foil, add paint.

6 stitched from the front
Free motion stitch
5asitching close up 5bstitching close up again
8vase cut up 1a
I cut in these shapes to create the sides of a vase. (I didn't leave any for the bottom of the vase. Oh well, no one will look at the bottom!)
9edges stitched ready to assemble
Arrange for sides of vase
10a stitch together
I zig-zagged all the sides, then zig-zagged the sides together.
12assembly 2  14assembly 3
Here's how it looks as I assembled. See the bottom I added, in just plan peltex.
11 stitch around the top edge 15stitch the last side_bottom attached
I stitched along the top of the vase again, then zig-zagged the final two sides together. (probably should have hand-stitched those final sides, but oh well.)
16stitch the bottom
I hand-stitched the bottom on. ( Take a look at my studio box tutorial too, if you haven't seen it.)
yarn vase
it holds yarn.

trash vase 1
makes a fancy trash basket


and lovely flower vase (yes, the flowers are in a glass jar inside the vase.)


  1. Wow- very cool! Love it!

  2. Totally awesome. I wish I was a awesome with a sewing machine!

  3. This is definitely on my want to do list! NOt sure when I will have time to get to it, but it is on the list! I enjoy your blog, thanks so much for the constant inspiration.

  4. This is so cool and so simple I am off to have a go ......thanks for the brilliant idea ....x

  5. great tutorial! Your sense of combining fabric scraps is great and once again... you make it look so easy!

  6. Many thanks!! This looks like a fun project to play with when creative juices aren't flowing, but I need a jump-start. The tutorial is perfect - just the right balance of text and photos.

  7. Jane... I LOVE THIS... what a PERFECT Etsy item... maybe for Valentine's Day or May Day... I know my friends would LOVE flowers in a fabric vase.

  8. Wow! Beautiful and functional and fun and.....What a great idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. A great friend sent the link to your fabric vase... I am inspired like you can't believe. Do you mind if I make one.

  10. I was tasked with creating artsy center pieces for 26 tables at an upcoming banquet. I'm using your tutorial to make fabric vessels and they're looking gorgeous! Thank you!


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