Friday, November 19, 2010

classroom volunteering

I volunteer every wednesday at Conway School, in Mindy Crum's class. Mindy is the best 3rd grade teacher ever, and I help the kids, with their reading.
Well, Mindy soon discovered I was an artist, and could I please help the kids make a Christmas gift project. She handed me directions to make an ornament from papier mache...that involved 2 balloons for each kid....that would  be blowing up 50 balloons! not to mention liquid starch and strips of newspaper. My dear husb said he'd help, and what a time we had!  third graders
mindy's class
Great group of kids!  (Husb on the left, me center, and Mindy on the right)


  1. Jane,
    I finally found the liquid starch at a local grocery store! Did paper mache' with my 3/4 graders this past week. What a MESS! Your group was so much neater! LOL! But their whacky houses are going to be very cool! Think I'll start my 5/6 graders on the project this next week! I can't imagine your doing this with a class room full as you did! Amazing!

  2. Go, Jane, Go!
    Having taught public school for five years(many years ago before having my own children)...I hold Voluteers in HIGH ESTEEM!! Thank you Jane and "Dear Hubby" for making a difference in the lives of children!!

  3. What a great project! The kids look like they had lots of fun (and maybe learned a thing or too as well).

  4. Seeing Don's expression makes me giggle. You two are such a pair! Good for you both, and oh those lucky kids.

  5. What fun! It's so refreshing to work with kids.

  6. so Jane ... here's the 'small world' bit about all this. I met you at a Pampered Chef party - years ago - remember? at Lisa's ?? your Don was always searching for JUST THE RIGHT pepper grinder. :-) FAST FORWARD to a few years back and my friend Lyn & I are throwing a FUNDRAISER OPEN HOUSE for CCI ( and we have our Pampered Chef rep here, and we have MINDY from Cookie Lee, and I think some candles were involved that year. THAT'S how I met Mindy - my friend LYN brought her in, and to top all THAT off, ANN DEAKERS was also at that fundraiser for CCI with her last pup, Wyane, right after she brought her home as a bitty pup. SMALL FULL-CIRCLE WORLD, eh? I love what you're doing, and I SO love that Don is also involved. xox - Davi

  7. You are a brave volunteer! Such a messy project, and you still said yes.


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