Friday, May 20, 2011

sketching & watercolor on Location

kitty and journal pages

lavender inn ojai
We stayed two nights at the lovely Lavender Inn B&B in Ojai, California.
lavender inn
The backyard view of the veranda where we had breakfast each morning.

lavender inn

watercolor in progress

gerbera daisy


  1. What a beautiful location and your watercolors are wonderful!

  2. Love the watercolours, just great. Great photo with the cat!

  3. Wonderful, really like the watercolors!
    Always a pleasure to visit your site :]

  4. Lovely lovely! I still can't make what you are doing, but at least I can dream while I am here :) Thank you!

  5. It looks amazing! And such lovely sketches!
    I have made a denim box following (sort of), your Tiny Tutorial! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Jane, that's where Mark and I have stayed - isn't it a charmer? did you ever find the little Mexican restaurant I told you about? or the native plant display garden in Ojai? we love it up there. peaceful. all the oak trees. the clean air. SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED it. xo - Davi

  7. I so appreciate seeing what you are looking at and what your end result is. I get too caught up in detail, and your pictures teach me so much! Please keep posting!


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