Monday, May 30, 2011

maraschino bird

Watercolor journal pages. My usual 5x7" Guess what! I'll be teaching a two day workshop "Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style" in beautiful Friday Harbor (near Seattle) on September 10 & 11 with Wild at Heart Studios. My husb is from Seattle, so he'll definitely come with me.


  1. oh darn ... september in seattle. we'll be there in July, but man, the grief I'd get if I took a Jane workshop there, instead of seeing the sights! but it did cross my mind ... tee hee. :-)

  2. Wonderful!
    Really enjoy these watercolor pages.
    Love birdies.

  3. Hi Jane
    I'm confused. Saw your blurb about teaching up in Friday Harbor but Once in a Blue Moon guest house is in East Sound. Are they close together? Also Once In a Blue Moon isn't listed on that page.
    Would you help me understand?

  4. @Susan! I don't blame you for being confused, I was too. We are staying on Friday Harbor. (owned by the same people)
    Email for info on logistics..hope to see you there!


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