Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wet Felting Workshop

student felt~ embellishing in progress
Above is a piece of hand made felt made by a student in my recent workshop. We make the felt on day one, and embellish it on day two.
it beginsalmost felt
almost felt almost felt
almost feltalmost felt
The wet felting process starts with wool roving, layering and arranging it. Then one agitates it with hot soapy water and a little elbow grease.
student felt~ felt~ ready for embellishing
student felt~ ready for embellishingstudent felt~ embellishing in progress
student felt~ ready for embellishing student felt~ ready for embellishing
And then drying overnight. The next day begins the embellishment or cutting up of the piece of original hand made felt.
student embellishing students working
It's a very cool, and satisfying process! I'm teaching another 2 day workshop in wet felting in beautiful Idllywild, CA on July 1 and 2. Join me! You can see photos of my previous workshops here. And get info on the Idyllwild workshop here and register or ask questions by calling Idyllwild Summer Arts 951-659-2171, ext. 2365.
Wet Felting  ~Jane LaFazio
July 1-2
Course # AAMF ØØ
Two-day session
Make felt the Tibetan way and embellish the California way! Using colorful merino wool fibers, a modernized ancient technique, some creative designing and a lot of elbow grease, you will create a beautiful, feels-so-soft felt square in class. It may not be large enough to build a yurt, but it will make a lovely wall hanging or become part of another fiber piece. Your felt will dry overnight and the next day you will create a fabulous art piece, small journal cover, pillow top or box by embellishing your own original handmade felt with hand embroidery and/or beading. During the first day, felting requires agitating the wool fibers so you will be standing for about an hour, rolling the felt with your forearms. It’s not hard! It just takes some time.
Materials: old towel, embroidery threads, scissors, wool yarn, beads for embellishment
Tuition: $310
Lab fee: $40 (Includes 6 oz. merino wool roving and an equipment kit to create an 18"x18" piece of felt) Enrollment limited to 16 students.


  1. Wow, these are gorgeous! Wish I could take your class in California, Jane. Maybe a workshop in Boulder, CO one of these days?:)

  2. Incredible! These are beautiful :]
    Looks like everyone is having a great time.

  3. ..I can see this would be a totally absorbing project; playing with colours again and then embellishing means the fun starts all over again.

  4. Every time I log into your site I am inspired! Your zest for living comes through loud and clear in your drawings, painting, vibrant colour and fibre creations. Trouble is.... I have about ten projects going on and keep wanting to veer onto another. Thanks for the incredible inspiration! Kathy

  5. Just beautiful. I have done any felting in a whle and now I want to!


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