Monday, August 01, 2011

Everyday Objects tutorial

sb everyday objects
It's my month to pick the theme for The Sketchbook Challenge, and it may come as no surprise to my loyal readers that the theme I've chosen is "Everyday Objects." And so to celebrate the theme, here's a tutorial on drawing your everyday objects using a Tombow water soluble pen. (I like the black or grey pens and use the tip, not the brush end of the Tombow dual brush pens--but any water soluble pen will work for this.) This method makes it quick and easy to capture drawings in your sketchbook!
1. Sketch your object with pencil first. (The proportions are a off in the drawing, which I didn't notice till I looked at the photo, but I'm not going to worry about it. No time or reason to completely redraw this.)
2. Pencil over your sketchlines a little darker, getting the details and symmetry as best you can.

3. Using your water solube pen, and still looking at the object, redraw your lines. Erase the pencil lines.( Notice the slight smears? Tombow pens take a few minutes to dry.)
4. Use my fave Niji Waterbrush, or any paintbrush with some clear water.
5. With your brush, touch the edge of the line and shade with the ink. Do this sparingly and try not to cover very much of the white of the page. (It's a great way to learn to practice learning to see subtle shading and shadow.)
I'm working in a Strathmore Visual Journal (mixed media~ 9x12) and plan to add more Everyday Objects to this page (and to my journal.) I'll post my images throughout the month of August.

I added a little red watercolor to my chicken timer.
bird timer
And, throughout August I'll show you how I have leveraged some of my sketches into my other mixed media and fiber arts projects using some of the ideas from my DVD/dowload "From Art Journaling to Art."
You can see my complete 'in person and online' teaching schedule here.


  1. Love your clear description of your process, and love your chicken timer!!! :-)

  2. First, let me say, Jane, your FB Badge picture is just adorable! YOu look like a marvelously fun person who is also so full of energy! Love the theme for sketchbook challenge: everyday objects. I did each and every day from January 1st to the end of March and then I fizzled out; I guess I wished I would have won one of those monthly prizes, isn't that funny!? ...I'm going to try August again..
    Love your chicken timer!

  3. I only discovered this challenge at the beginning of July. All month long I "tried" to sketch. As a fiber/glass/metal clay artist, I only tend to sketch out full projects vs. sketch for sketching sake. So every time I tried in July, I put way too much pressure on myself to do it "right". (I also can't draw very well, but write fabulous descriptions -haha!). So this everyday objects focus - and your tutorial - might be just the help to get me going, and take the pressure of performance off. I'm headed to the Cape for the weekend to attend my nephews wedding. I think may bring my sketchbook and sketch while there... and bring a few everyday beach objects home with me as I love the beach and that inspiration would be wonderful right here in my space as I draw. Looking forward to hearing how you bring your sketches into your work this month. Thanks Jane!

  4. Hi Jane,
    I am going to try this sketchbook challange.
    Where do you find the tombow water soluble pen? Love your blog!

  5. great Saranne! there's a link in the blog post to the pens I use......

  6. I taught some friends in Seattle how to use the waterbrush and am sending them this tutorial to expand their skills. Good job, Jane.
    And, did you notice your felted eucalyptus quilt is part of the letterhead on the latest Visions mailing?
    You are everywhere!

  7. Très jolis croquis... et merci pour la description...
    Gros bisous

  8. Thank you so much for the great instruction!

  9. Thanks for your tutorial. I look forward to this months challenge.

  10. Hi - I love the tutorial. I have these pens, I must have bought a set at sometime and they have been lurking in the drawer. I tried this technique and WOW! So neat - thank you for sharing.

  11. Thank you for this tutorial. Your work is so beautiful. A great theme for this month - so many possibilities, but I wish I had your skill!

  12. How inspiring! Thanks so much for the lesson. :)


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