Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Art Unraveled Art Retreat 2011

Michael de Meng Ruth Rae and me  lisa engelbrecht and me
This was my fourth year teaching at Art Unraveled. It's always great seeing my teacher friends like Michael de Meng, Ruth Rae and Lisa Engelbrecht.
big book students
Meeting new students and seeing former ones again. (prints from my polaroid pogo
Above is the wonderful Erin Moore Garmon in my Big Book class. She teaches at-risk kids at the Youth Development Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

student work
Student at work.

gorgeous student work!
Student work. This was the first drawing of the class! I definitely challenged them. Fabulous, huh?
 As usual I had all levels in my Sketching & Watercolor: Journal Style class. From people who hadn't drawn since the 3rd grade, ones who were new to watercolor and some with experience.

gorgeous student work!
Student work from the day. Gorgeous, isn't it?

student monoprint student and her monoprint
I also taught monoprinting (and brought along my rubber fish)
sunprints for big books
And we did some sun prints in my BIG BOOK class.
Proposals are due next month for Art Unraveled 2012. Any suggestions on what I should offer?


  1. WOW Jane,
    This student work is incredible!
    The sun prints are gorgeous. I wish I could have been there for each class!

  2. It was wonderful to see you! Love the work your students did, oh my!!! Especially those amazing watercolor sketches. And Erin's big book - she is such a talented sweetie.

  3. Rubber fish? I WANT one! :-D Great work - wish I could have been there.

  4. What a great time everyone had. Plus lots of clever work...oh that I could teleport...regards ann.

  5. Jane....Your journal style workshop at AU turned out really great! Absolutely love the results. Every year your classes seem to get more interesting. Will put your classes on my blog for 2012.


  6. I loved taking the sketching class and the monoprinting class from you Jane!
    I'm sorry that I wasn't in the big book class -- I'd love to sunprint..... how about a sunprinting on fabric class and then some stitching to make it into a little mini quilt? I'd take that. Actually, I'd take any of your classes, lol.


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