Sunday, October 09, 2011

Two kitties ~ two beds. Thanks to Knitanista!

buddy in another new bed!

bebop in another new bed!
You may remember, in early September, when the kitties got a new bed from the fabulous Knitanista. Here's BeBop in the new bed, and then Buddy, in the same new bed.
Well, I saw her in Portland and she gave my kitties another bed! so they would each have their own. (of course, you notice in the photos above, they are still want to be the one in the newest bed!) Look at the tag she included on the bed--'no kitty left behind campaign.' and a photo of her kitties in their own beds. waaay cute and sooooo kind of Knitanista! thank you! (And dear readers, if you beg her, Knitanista may make and sell you one of these fabulous beds. She knits then, then 'fulls' them to create a felt-like bed. Needless to say BeBop and Buddy are happy to her spokesmodelkitties and tout the comfort of these beds.)
kitty tag  from knitanista   kitty tag  from knitanista


  1. What a trip to see how Buddy and Bebop find their own unique ways of fitting in their bed! I am so moved that you posted this! You are a sweetheart!
    Whenever I see someone who loves their kitties as much as you (even including them in online lessons) then I know kitty beds must be experienced.
    What beautiful super models your kitties are and I love that they both prefer the new one..hahahha.
    It was lovely seeing you again! Your sketch class was so kind and friendly and looked so blissfully in the flow of their gorgeous sketches. You have that magical way of spreading your passion to your students.

  2. What a clever lady Knitanista is...and kitties look so happy with their beds.

  3. What beautiful cats too!

  4. What a nice cats. I can never get mine to stay where I want them to. They prefer to sit on top of the furniture. Beds and baskets are wasted on them.


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