Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our family.

buddy's on board
Our family. Buddy in my new wagon.
bebop and vines
BeBop, consulting on my artwork.        

 See the ear in the basket on the shelf (above)?

Guess who?
They have a bird friend that comes a few times a day to visit!

And nearly everyday, "Black Kitty" a semi-feral cat comes for a visit (and a meal.)


  1. Your BeBop looks exactly like my Roan. Mine is a rag doll but I'll bet yours is Siamese?

    I love that fat little bird. I'm going to have to sketch him.

  2. Betcha if you put a bird feeder out there that more visitors would come! Cute pix!

  3. Cute pics of your kitties. We have an orange feral cat whom we've named Marmalade, who comes to visit our kitty, Elsie. Marmalade loves to eat when he visits, but we've never been able to catch him (would like to have him neutered).

    Have a great weekend!


  4. You just have to love those kitties, they really are family.

  5. I have 4 feline boys now... increased in numbers just before my move. Then, I moved into a house with 1 semi-feral and 3 very feral cats! Now I'm feeding EIGHT!!!! Lord help me. I'm pretty sure the semi-feral will eventually be tame enough to pet. The others, not a chance. But I plan to trap them all for spay/neutering. The semi-feral is the only female, thankfully. But man, those boys are butch cats! I call them "The Big Boys".

  6. That was fun! My five send greetings.

  7. It wouldn't be art without the odd cat hair, would it? Creativity and cats seem to go together so naturally! Pepe, Puschka, Dusty and Meggs send love and greetings to your furry family.

  8. Jane,

    Love your cats and your art work, we have a Siamese who lives indoors, just love cats family is not family without them.

  9. My Coco had a bird that would visit her often....sitting in the tree branch just outside our 2nd story. They took turns making weird chirping sounds....seemingly talking to each other. Cats are great company and so sweet to cuddle. Thanks for sharing your family!

  10. Wonderful pics of kitties. A friend just mentioned the prayer flag project to me today so I dropped in to check it out. Very cool!


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