Monday, April 16, 2012

Works in progress. A lot of works in progress...

Sketchbook. I'm designing an image for a stamp. Lavender.
Lest you think my art projects spring fully completed from my loins, (well, I hope you're not thinking about my loins at all, frankly,) let me tell you, I have many unfinished projects, many 'sets' of art waiting to become series.  

I'm using DeColourant with my original thermofax screens to
update a linen blouse and paints.
I'm going to Orvieto, Italy, next month, to teach a week-long workshop. (Two spaces left! Join me! Here's the info.) I went two years ago, and had a fabulous time. Anyway, I wore the above mentioned linen shirt and pants on the trip. I have not worn them since. So, I hope to have them spiffed up to wear again this time, and many more times after that.
Stitched be combined and become something.
These stitched squares were among the ones I created for a workshop I recently taught. Some of the other squares were stitched and made into a piece of art. These were not...yet.

Geli prints on paper made with BioColor.
I usually monoprint on fabric, but I did this bunch on paper when I taught the project to my Mundo Lindo kids. These prints are waiting to be a collage/mixed media piece.

Mini mixed media pieces, all 3x5" ready to be combined and become something.   
These have been multiplying for a few years now. I created the first three in a Hollie Heller workshop...maybe...3 years ago? I love working small, and these are paper based. Some stitched, some cut from my artwork. All 3x5 inches. Some are paper coated in resin. They are all nearly beautiful. They just don't a reason for being...yet.

Large mixed media (on canvas). Ready to be completed.
These pieces are quite large (for me anyway) and are older that the pieces above, I think. I created all these in a one week Fran Skiles workshop in 2009. They have potential and are clearly a series...right now a series of unfinished works...

Each of these pieces, as they are, have taught me something that I use in my work today, so none are wasted. And I will finish them. And I'll show them to you, when I do.
Do you have a lot of unfinished projects? Do you prioritize them? Do you ever just throw them away?
Now back to my studio!


  1. Woow I like your gelli prints!!!!

  2. I really love the colours on your large mixed media canvas pieces! Your blog is always such an inspiration to read, whichever media you work in so thank you for sharing :) x Holly

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  4. Que du bonheur cette superbe publication... des couleurs vivifiantes...
    gros bisous

  5. Fascinating post. So many ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  6. and I thought I was the queen of unfinished projects!! ;) *just kidding*

    my unfinished projects sit and kind of taunt me - but I believe it's all part of the learning process - most of mine are sitting unfinished because I have no idea of what to do next and it's the fear of ruining them that keeps me from finishing. But letting them percolate lets me filter out all those fears and allows me to meet the challenge of learning growing and completing them.

    thanks for illustrating this process for us Jane!!

    would so love to join you in Italy - not this year though....

  7. Thanks for coming clean with your ufos!
    I have begun doing a deep clean of my sewing room, and have actually thrown away a few ufos from classes that I took years ago. They were classes taken merely to fill a square, and don't relate to the path I am taking, so I don't feel badly about that. I have a lot of other ufos that are just waiting for me. Like you, I'll get there!
    Ahhhhh: Orvieto! How I wish!!!


  8. I too have so many papers I've had to acquire more drawers to contain them, but I'll use then one day. Half the fun is in the making.

  9. Zowie. And I thought there was a lot of unfinished business in my studio. Thank you for sharing. Needless to say I would love to reach through the screen and pick out a piece or two to frame and put on my wall. Beautiful work. Your blog inspires me. (I hope someday to take Fran's class.)

  10. WOW love all your unfinished projects. I have quite a few that sit around, I move here and there but they haven't turned into anything yet.

  11. Wonderful you really inspired me!!!


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