Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Pam Carriker, portraits and me

a page from my sketchbook ~  by Jane LaFazio
You know I never draw faces. I just don't. But I just watched Pam Carriker's DVD from The Artful Gathering online session of her workshop Still Pursuing Portraits. I didn't realize that Pam has you draw portraits from your imagination, while following the proportional guidelines. I don't know why I didn't realize that. When I teach my Mundo Lindo kids portraits, that's exactly how I have them do it. But they are kids. I'm a grown up. I thought I had to draw someone. NOT! I watched Pam's DVD and drew along with her. She made it really easy! I was very impressed.

(That's my drawing, pictured. I did it over an existing doodled page. I plan to go in and do something more to this page, but the face was done while watching Pam's DVD.) 

Still Pursuing Portraits
Pam Carriker
Pursuing Portraits, was the first of this series of workshops by Pam, and now you can join her for the continuation of this class where Pam moves from cute and stylized faces to more realistic portraits in drawing and paint. This workshop will cover creating portraits from sketching to painting, with some fun new mediums thrown in for even further exploration. In depth lessons, so you can practice without fear. So you didn’t take Pursing Portraits the first time? This class is brand new, and will benefit both those who took Pam's first workshop and those who did not.  

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