Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Kindness Chronicles

the kindness chronicles
A video of my prayer flags. The Prayer Flag Project. Anyone can join in. The making feels good, and so does the intention. You can see all my flags here.
Right before Mothers Day, teacher Susan Avery Clark did a kind thing for her students and their mothers. She opened her class room, providing art materials and dried lavender, from her garden, for the students to make cards and sachets for their moms.
More than 30  high school kids showed up to make mother's day cards during their lunch hour. 
high school kid, with a card he made for his mom
From Patti Digh. (free download here.)
I just returned from teaching sketching and watercolor: journal style in Orvieto, Italy (with Adventures in Italy) and one of my students, Bob, taught us yoga every morning at 7am. So generous of him and such a great way to start the day.

A couple of other kindnesses:

  • a young man lifted my suitcase to the overhead rack on the train to Rome
  • my new friend, Jan offered to visit my mother-in-law in Seattle on a regular basis
  • Marsha bought flowers for the nuns in Orvieto
  • my dear husb, saved the life of a lizard he found floating in the watering can
  • Deborah Stanley shared info about the kindness chronicles here and here.
  • Amy, who cuts my hair, does the blue in my bangs for free
me and my blue bangs in Italy last month
Leave a comment and tell me about your kindness chronicles! 
Here are my past Kindness Chronicles posts for March, April and May.


  1. My husband is in rehab at a local hospital. I spend a lot of time there and have noticed that there are several very unhappy patients. I have been taking the time each day to look them in the eyes, say a few kind words, and actually touch their arms or hold their hands. The nurses take good physical care of them but are too busy to take care of their emotional needs. The patients always thank me for touching them. It makes my day and is such a small act of giving on my part.

  2. Jane, so sweet of you to mention the Lavender Mother's Day project! Also I told Amy about your blue bangs comment and it brought a smile to her face. The kindness is spreading in such a nice way and bringing large and small changes to people's lives: yours, mine and many others.

  3. Wow,Jane,yoga at the awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
    This month I:
    -gave a ride to an elderly homeless lady to shelter just before a big storm hit
    -did not yell at a very very very obnoxious person ahead of me at the grocery store !
    -watched and petted a little dog in distress while his owner was inside Starbucks for 15 minutes
    - returned several lost residents to their correct rooms at the nursing home
    -sent another art friend some needed art supplies

    Keep it up Jane!this is fun!,,

  4. wonderful post. I especially love the high school kids free art! kids will do good things when given a window of opportunity.
    my husband came 45 minutes to unlock my car as I got out to go for a run leaving keys inside. . .strangers let me use their cell phone to call him. . .and all he said when he got there was "oh lucy"!

  5. Hello Mrs. Jane-

    This year I have created the "crafts" we will use for Vacation Bible School at my local church and one day we will have the children create their very own prayer flags. Sewing approx. 250 flags!!! I also want the VBS volunteers to create prayer flags to hang in my room during the week for inspiration for the kids. Thank you for sharing such a meaningful idea!!!

  6. I love this project. My kindness blog is at



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