Saturday, December 28, 2013

A River Cruise on the Danube

A workshop with me in 2015. Details on

carlo and Jane
Carlo and I (in Italy earlier this year)
I'm so excited about a workshop I've got planned for 2015. Yup, a river cruise, with all the gorgeous sites and sounds along the Danube river, plus all your meals and room AND daily sketching and watercolor classes with me. The plan is to draw on the ship, sometimes and other times, we'll meet on land and draw what we see. Either way, you'll be able to truly enjoy every moment of the trip and have a sketchbook of memories when you return home. 

I know it seems early, but to get the best selections in each category at the best price, book soon! You can find all the details here and if you have questions, email Carlo, and she can answer all the logistical stuff.

Plus, everyone who signs up will receive their choice of one of my ONLINE 6 week sketching and watercolor classes for FREE! (I'm creating some new ones,too!)  Yup, that's your incentive and if you are in any way nervous about the drawing and painting part of the trip. 
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