Thursday, December 19, 2013

And the winner is of Connected Cloth...

I loved reading about the themes you are working with! Thanks so much for inspiring me! The winner of " Connected Cloth" by Cas Holmes and Anne Kelly is:

Wendy Fleckner 
I have recently researched the history of the handkerchief and am exploring altering handkerchiefs to demonstrate their uses. I greatly admire Cas Holmes work and have been lucky enough to attend one of her workshops which was great. I have one of her books but would love the new book too. 
Wendy, email me with your mailing address! and I'd love to see what you do with the handkerchiefs! A wonderful theme.

And thank you all who commented and told me of the themes you are interested in. 
Here are some that were mentioned, to inspire all of us:

  • trees
  • leaves
  • funky flowers
  • potlucks
  • backyard wild life
  • cone flowers
  • the soul
  •  river rocks
  • 60th birthdays
  • soul and guidance
  • nature
  • rock cairns and monks
  • chairs
  • female cardinal (the bird)
  • home
  • doors and doorways
  • entrances
  • poppies
  • flying geeze
  • birds at water's edge
  • sacred spaces
  • milkweeds
  • stories of mother
  • passages
  • the sea
  • light and shadow
  • four seasons
  • flora and fauna on the Canadian shield

Ah, Cas and Anne would be proud!


  1. Congratulations Wendy!

  2. Congratulations Wendy - Enjoy!!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Congratulations Wendy! (Handkerchiefs seem interesting ... I have one that belonged to my great grandmother, with a delicate scrolled 'E' and small flowers embroidered on it.) Enjoy the inspiration!

  4. congratulations Wendy. I exhibited work on handkerchiefs as part of Urban Nature last year and love using them as a base.


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