Monday, December 23, 2013

Yoga Poses in Public Places 2013

San Clemente, California March 2013

In the pages of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine (March/April 2013)

My sweet Mundo Lindo kids!

Seattle, Washington, August 2013

Stone Brewery, Escondido with Kristen Moss 2013

Taos, New Mexico June 2013

In yoga class 2013
Taos, New Mexico June 2013

Montecito Family Summer Camp, Sequoia National Park July 2013

Bellagio on Lake Como, Italy 2013
  Here's my recap of Yoga Poses in Public Places from 2012.


  1. Jane, you "gotta" start alternating which foot you stand on in Tree Pose...
    It's all about balance (meaning both sides). =-)

    1. Four lefts and four rights, by my count!

  2. Ha! Right you are!
    Not sure what I was doing before...

    Love your posts!

  3. I love to see all of your poses in all of these lovely places around the world. makes me want to go get my mat


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