Sunday, March 29, 2015

a new DVD in the to speak

on the set of Quilting Arts TV
Quilting Arts TV host, Susan Brubaker Knapp and me on the set of QA TV
I was thrilled to be asked back for my 4th time to film some episodes for Quilting Arts TV. They also asked me to create and film my 3rd DVD.

(aside: Pokey Bolton, founder of Quilting Arts and now creating her own Crafting a Life company, and Interweave and now F&W Media have done sooooo much for my career! I can't thank them enough for their faith in me.)

I filmed a TV segment on my Poke Berry Series, and one on felt milagros and a short one on how to felt soap. The TV episodes air on Public TV and once they are released, you can buy the DVD set or download.
vivika and me meeting
Vivika Hansen DeNegre, Quilting Arts magazine Editor and me
Vivika and I have been online friends for years, and this was our first in person meeting. She is the best!!
green room on  Quilting Arts TV
On the table in the green room! "MY" magazine cover and my DVD
on the set of Quilting Arts TV
A quick break in filming my Intro to Wet Felting DVD.
Vivika helps with directorial guidance!
My upcoming DVD with the working title "Intro to Wet Felting" will be about hour long. It took nearly 3 hours to film. It's hard work to remember everything (no cue cards) and to smile and to look competent!

on the set of Quilting Arts TV
Another episode with Susan for Quilting Art TV. (where is that camera lens anyway?)

dinner with the Quilting Arts peeps and fellow artists
dinner at the end of day one.
back row:Cecile Whatman, Pat Pauly, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Kristine Lundblad (Asst Editor, Quilting Arts magazine) front row: Desiree Habicht, me, Vivika Hansen DeNegre were all on set, so we had a lovely dinner out together. So great to relax and get to know each other after a hard day filming.
wine and chips after filming
my reward for 2 days of filming! chips and wine.
All and all an experience that I will cherish. I'm also quite glad to have it behind me. 
The DVD will be out in a few months, and probably the QA TV series 1600 soon after that. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I'm laughing at myself and your caption under the second photo of you and Susan. I was trying to figure out what you might be looking at. Then I read your caption and realized you had the same thought!

  2. You are amazing...a fountain of endless creative energy! xoxo

  3. I'm really looking forward to seeing your episodes and DVD Jane! Loved seeing all the behind the scenes photos. :D

  4. Felicitaciones Jane. I always love your work :)


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