Sunday, March 15, 2015

Danny Gregory

Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory
Danny Gregory. Danny is my mentor and my friend. I've been lucky to know him since around 2005. I started reading his blog. I met him in 2006 (pictured below).

from march 2006
Danny and our sketchcrawl in Los Angeles, 2006
He asked me to be in his book, An Illustrated Life, in 2007. 
An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory
My husband and I saw Danny in New York City, the last time we were there.
danny and me and don
New York City, September 2013. Danny, me and Don, my husband

Then, in January 2014, he came to my house in San Diego, to film me for Sketchbook Skool ~ beginnings.

Danny Gregory
Danny Gregory sitting in my living room, January 2014,
to film me for Sketchbook Skool ~ Beginnings semester.
Danny's written lots of books, and he's got a new one out called "Art Before Breakfast." I promise you, it will make you grab a sketchbook immediately! Get the book. 

And while you're at it, might as well order my Danny favorites of "An Illustrated Life" and "Everyday Matters" too.

Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory

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