Friday, March 20, 2015

A visit to Tucson Arizona

tucson arizona march 2015
from my sketchbook ~ by Jane LaFazio (5x7 inches) in my JaneVille Etsy shop now.
A little sketching and watercolor with a fellow Sketchbook Skool student at the Tucson Botanical Garden.
tucson 1

This was my first ever trip to Tucson, Arizona.
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I taught a  2 day workshop for PaperWorks (Text and Textiles) and did a talk for their membership. 
Text on Textiles, in progress
In progress ~ text on textiles~ by Jane LaFazio
It's funny. I selected these lovely indigo fabrics (above) to teach the workshop. The colors and this nearly finished work remind of of Japan. During the workshop, Mabel Dean, one of my students, gave me a lovely piece of antique linen from a kimono. Perfect additon to this piece.

But I look at it now and think, why could I haven't done it in the spring desert colors of Tucson! Well, in part, because I'd never seen the landscape of Tucson before. 

Now, I may have to do a Arizona version!


  1. The indigo is beautiful. It would be great to see the colors of Tucson too!

  2. The colors of Tucson would be greatfor a piece! I'm glad that you got to visit our city and see a couple of its special places. I thought I felt a little art vibe happening that weekend!

  3. Indigo is popping up in several places lately. Perhaps I notice because it's so attractive. I like the unity it provides here. How fun that you see another color combination in the future.

  4. Beautiful photo, Jane! I have not seen much of the Tucson area, but this is a great time to be there, weather-wise! Bet we'll see one of your works in the desert palette soon!


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