Friday, August 14, 2015

from my sketchbook ~ to a frame

Yours Truly holding one of my framed sketchbook pages 
I paint in a sketchbook. I rarely paint watercolors as frameable paintings anymore, I'm more interested in illustrating my daily life on the pages of a 9x12 inch sketchbook.
So when the San Diego Watercolor Society invited me, as a Past President (1999-2001), to exhibit one of my paintings in their 50th Anniversary Exhibition, August 7- 28th, I said yes. But I didn't have any so called 'paintings.' So, I had one of my sketchbook pages framed, and I'm liking it!

It will be interesting to see how it looks in the exhibition!

in progress ~ photo Jane LaFazio
from my sketchbook ~ by Jane LaFazio
I'll be teaching Sketching and Watercolor: Autumn at Art is You, in Minneapolis on Thursday, Sept 17th.


  1. I love it, Jane! (I think all of your watercolors are frameable anyway, and this one especially "Makes Me Happy".)

  2. Beautiful style, I love it! In or out of frames.


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