Tuesday, December 04, 2018

from my sketchbook ~ Poinsettias x 2

Poinsettia take 1 by Jane LaFazio

I did the poinsettia above in the evening under artificial light. When I looked at it the next morning, I thought it looked dark. So, I did a new one, in the daylight.

drawing first


In retrospect, I like it this way, with no background color.

I did the background in color pencil, then a layer of watercolor and then, outlined the leaves with a white signo uniball pen.

Poinsettia take 2 by Jane LaFazio


  1. Your poinsettias are beautiful! Those plants are redder than red this time of year aren't they! Oh, I saw a yellow poinsettia plant in the supermarket last week. It was grown in Maui the tag said.I said OH out loud as i have never seen that before !!

  2. Both of these are super lovely!! But I do love that white uniball edging!!!


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