Sunday, May 24, 2009

Butterfly Aloe Kimono

I started this in the "Mixed Media with Paper & Cloth" class I teach. I'm pleased how it turned out, and I have another Kimono in the works. Here's some of my previous Asian inspired work.


  1. I love your Kimono, it is beautiful!!!!
    I'm taking your "Mixed Media with Paper & Cloth" class online to start on May 28, is this part of the class? I'm anxious to start.


  2. This is just beautiful! The colors are lovely and the butterfly is so evocative.

  3. Hi Hermila, no, this particular project won't be in the online class. I am creating a new class for joggles for the fall, and will probably include a kimono-like lesson.
    See you on joggles!

  4. Having lived in Japan, I can really appreciate this. Nice work Jane!


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