Thursday, May 21, 2009

ramona art guild may 09 demo

I demoed last night at the Ramona Art Guild. They are a lovely group, very friendly and fun. (Don't look at this picture of me. It was warm, so my bangs are curled up, goofy facial expression, and I'm wearing my husband's watch, because mine is being repaired.) Do look at my recently completed artwork. It's called 'Butterfly Aloe Kimono.' It's was created, in what I'm calling mosaic collage. I've worked with the kimono shape for a long time, and have recently returned to it. More to come!


  1. That is a beautiful piece Jane! I love the colors!


  2. HI Jane,

    We all enjoyed your presentation. You always inspire people to experiment with materials.

    I'm glad I found your blog! You have so many interesting things here. In fact, your kids' art blog is giving me lots of ideas for my summer art camps. Great work! Keep it up. Hope to see you soon.


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