Thursday, May 07, 2009

spotted towhee

He's such a cutie! I've never seen one until last week.


  1. AND he makes a perfect blog banner!

  2. Jane...This is a fabulous painting. The bird of course is cute but the way you have captured the delicate spotted feathers is really good!. I love his tummy and his eye too. I feel I can just reach out and touch him (although he would probably hop away) I am glad you have given him status and moved him to the top of your blog.

  3. such a lovely coinkidink - I've been seeing one in my backyard also, keep trying to get a picture with no success. i was describing it to Davi and she didn't know what it was. Now we both know. Thank you!o

  4. Towhee. Such a great name, and a great little painting too.


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