Friday, May 29, 2009

Mundo Lindo

Here's a pic of the last Mundo Lindo class (the thursday kids). We made kites and flew them in the park. It was lovely. I hugged each child at the end of class, and told them a few things that made him or her a great kid.

The VERY good new is that a large non-profit in Escondido wants to hire me to continue Mundo Lindo, and we met yesterday. I'll keep you posted, but hopefully it will start up again in the fall, this time just once a week, but still free to the kids. I feel good about this--very good. Thanks for your support too!


  1. Wow, that IS great news, Jane! I'm glad you are a presence in these kids' lives.

  2. Congrats Jane!! I knew something wonderful would continue after all of your hard work. Excellente!

  3. Yayyy Escondido non-profit and Yayyy Jane! That is great news! When I see how darned happy those darling kids are, I know that you are reaching their very souls with art. When will the world learn the importance of art in ALL of our lives?


  4. Oh Jane that is such good news, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. I have really enjoyed watching the progress of your Mundo Lindo group - they always seem to be having such a great time, so lets hope it will continue.


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