Saturday, April 17, 2010

red rock sedona ~ in progress

 As you may well imagine, my recent trip to Sedona influenced my current artwork. I started this wet-felted piece while I was there, and then when I returned home I machine needle-felted some additional fabrics and ribbon and even threw in a little free-motion machine stitching (circles, what else). Now, the piece is ready to be cut up and reassembled. Yup. I'll keep you posted!
By the way, I'm teaching this technique wet-felting and embellishment on July 6 in Idyllwild, California. Join me for the workshop, and why not come early and take my Mixed Media with Paper and Cloth July 4 & 5th while you're there?


  1. Jane, I have been to Sedona many times and love the warmth of the earth and sky. The colors are indescribable but you have captured their emotion with your color and texture. This is going to be a fabulous piece!

  2. Hi jane
    Are those spirals all the vortexes? Love the colors of this one!

  3. Circles on the Red Rock Sedona pieces....they must be Vortexes! Good title don't you think?


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