Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tree of life hearts~in progress

 You know I love the Tree of Life imagery and have worked with it for years. I bought this book, Ceramic Trees of Life: Popular Art from Mexico, years ago, and it's full of great inspiration and information. I'll paint more on this piece and then add some collage and heart milagros.


  1. Something about the Tree of life imaginery that works for me too.
    Your tree is looking really great, thanks for giving the size of what your working on. I really like knowing the size, because with computer pictures you can't tell if your lookng at wall size or paper size. I wish I could see the book that you have, Can you recommend another book that I may be able to find?

  2. wow, Lori, I added the link to the book, but frankly, didn't check the prices. I didn't realize how valuable it was! If I find any other (cheaper) books, I'll keep you posted!

  3. Love your Tree of Life with all those hearts!!

  4. As a child, I lived in Santa Barbara for several years and I will always remember these tree sculptures- they were alwyas my favorites!!! beautiful work Jane!!!


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