Saturday, April 03, 2010

I wove this scarf

 Check one off. I've wanted to learn to weave and yesterday I did! I took a one  day workshop with Christie Dunning, at Bravo Workshops. She had prepared the loom with the threads for the warp, and I wove the weft. (note the terminology I learned!) It was really pretty fun, and I enjoyed weaving and now will be able to appreciate it even more. Will I become a weaver? No, not unless I have an assistant who always does my warps! Here I am modeling my scarf and here it is in progress.


  1. Lovely!!!! Like you, it's something I'd like to learn to do, mainly to say that I've done it, but not spend a lifetime (or what's left of it!) weaving. It looks great on you, and you appear to be so very proud of yourself!


  2. Gorgeous!!! I've been weaving for years but have gotten distracted with fiber art, watercolor, etc. Trust you to be the one who brings me back to it!!!

    PS. I've always thought one of the reasons I became an Occupational Therapist was that I had to learn to weave!!! However, after 25 years of working as an OT I've never used weaving as a treatment modality! Except for me, of course.

  3. I took a weaving class long ago. We spent days "dressing" the loom and what seemed like 10 minutes weaving. The weaving was fun, but setting up the loom required a great deal of patience and vigilance to keep from creating a large, stringy mess. It is a good thing to say one has done!

  4. oh, sweet, i am a weaver too, that's how it all started... my love of cloth.

  5. Too fun! Great job but I have to quickly get off this page or you are going to inspire me to weave TOO!


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