Monday, January 01, 2007

"Golden Hills"

Inspired by the beautiful rolling hills in the San Francisco bay area---where I grew up-- I created this art quilt over the last two days as a lesson for my upcoming art quilt class. It's dyed comercial fabric, hand and machine quilted, painted with acrylic paints and there's organza and gold foil in there too! (8.5 x ll")


  1. WOWZA, Jane! What a gorgeous work of art!! LOVE the colors!

  2. Gosh this is lovely. The colors are just perfect. I think I see a vineyard there in distance or maybe it's some of the windmill thingees they have all over CA. How are you going to bind it? Or maybe just frame it?

  3. Hey Janey, it's finished, as is. I put two round plastic rings on the back to hang it. Normally I would have put a binding on the edges, but I like the frayed edges on this. You know, it's sort of rambunctious! :-)


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